Full Sized School Buses

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Used Bus World features a superior selection of used school buses for sale. Shop our inventory of used school buses made by some of the top manufacturers, including Thomas, Blue Bird, Collins and others.

Buy Used School Buses From a Team With Experience

For nearly fifty years, Used Bus World has helped school districts across the country restock their fleets with reliable and affordable used school buses. We’ve worked with school districts of all shapes and sizes, and all sorts of vehicle procurement requirements. We may not have seen it all, but we sure have seen plenty.

All that accumulated experience has given our team the knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible customer service to you, our respected clients. From our easy-to-use used school bus inventory and listing pages to our helpful sales and financing staff, you’ll find access to everything you need to stock your fleet with high-quality used school buses for years of faithful service.

Used School Buses for Customization

In recent years, old school buses for sale have found a new and entirely different purpose. With the rising popularity of tiny homes and modular housing, used school buses have enjoyed a resurgence of interest as opportune subjects of customization efforts.

There’s no shortage of creative ways to revitalize an old school bus into a comfortable home with many contemporary conveniences. Shop our used school bus inventory for your next customization project.